Here is where I will share all of my research interests/projects, or simply cool science coming out of the Meek Lab where I am in the process of earning a PhD.

Mojave Milkweed & Solar Development

I am studying the effects of habitat fragmentation on small populations using Mojave milkweed (Asclepias nyctaginifolia). This is a really cool system because some of the study populations are located in the massive Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System (ISEGS) facility near Primm, Nevada. At the time of its completion, ISEGS was the largest Concentrating SolarContinue reading “Mojave Milkweed & Solar Development”

The Effect of Microplastics Exposure on Aquatic Species

Microplastics have been recognized as an aquatic pollutant for more than a decade. However, many of the effects of microplastics exposure–be it from the concentrated chemicals plastics sponge up out of the environment or the ramifications of ingestion by aquatic organisms–have not been fully investigated. The Meek Lab, along with our amazing collaborators Kennedy BucciContinue reading “The Effect of Microplastics Exposure on Aquatic Species”