Ireland Day 2

We survived day 1! Granted, we were a little (okay, a lot) tired, but we still had fun adventures. We decided we would wake up at 08:00 since our tour started at 10:00. Well, Dani’s alarm went off at 8, but we didn’t drag our sorry selves out of bed until 09:30 or so. After much rushing around, coffee, and cursing, we made it (somewhat) on time. We had a private driver/tour guide (holy cow I am not classy enough for this crap) named Matty. Super nice gentleman! Granted, I may have fallen asleep in the back of the car a few times (as did Dani)….I’ll never admit it again, but I may have woken myself up with a snore.

Ginger count for the day: 12 regular gingers and one super ginger.

Times Miranda choked on water because she’s special: 1

Anywho we started the day with a tour of Malahide Castle and Gardens. Some parts of the castle were as old as the 12th century, and others were as new as the 17th century.

Look at this thing. I thought Dani was going to lose her mind. (She has a bit of castle fever which is beyond hilarious to behold)

The castle itself was stunning, although being the strange person I am, all I could think about was the heating bill. Like seriously, how would you heat those things??? I’d probably walk around with an animal skin cape or something and set it on fire several times a winter from sitting too close. There were also a bunch of 300-year-old trees and the ruins of an abbey that predates the castle.

Exhausted beyond belief, I remember very little of our tour of the inside. I hadn’t had coffee because we were running late. The moral of the story: drink more coffee. All the coffee.

After Malahide, Matty drove us to a little seaside town called Howth. We ate at a place called The Fisherman’s Oar and OH MY GOD IT WAS DELICIOUS. See, I used shouty capitals so obviously I am in a tizzy over the food.

After that, we went back to the hotel instead of touring the Guinness storehouse (I know, I am a bit disappointed in myself as well) and passed out. I think we napped for three hours, got up, ate dinner, I did some work, and then we went back to bed. We know how to vacation, yo.

That’s all for now!

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