Ireland Day 7

Ginger count: 1 regular ginger

The day’s agenda: massages, horseback riding, Kenmare

We had a pretty lazy start to the day, waking up around eight (the beds here at Sheen Falls Lodge are the most comfortable so far) and then grabbing breakfast before getting our massages. Before breakfast, I may have gotten distracted by the beautiful view from our room. It also looked like we were going to have another brilliantly sunny day to enjoy!

I also may have thought Dani was going to start gnawing on my arm because she woke up with the hanger (hunger+anger). I can understand though…I’ve been known to have my moments when I get hungry.

I was pretty sore from my run yesterday, and the masseuse commented that she could tell I was a runner. She also had a hell of a time trying (and failing) to work the stress knots out of my shoulders. I need a big beefy Swedish masseuse named Sven to smash the crap out of my shoulders, and I’ll be better. The masseuse then made me tea and offered me a robe, which I accepted and declined, respectively. Honey badger don’t got time for relaxing in a robe.

After lunch, we went horseback riding. We were on Irish Cobs, aka Gypsy Vanners. They were a lot of fun! I only took one picture, though.

Obviously I am super excited.

We are going out to Kenmare for dinner and fun. More updates to come!

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