Meet the Furbabies!

I am the proud furmom of two delightful furbabies. As they are constant sources of happiness in my life, I thought I would share a bit about them.



Tippy joined the family in October 2010. She was the runt of a litter of semi-feral puppies my mom and I discovered living under an uninhabited house in Texas. I think she is some sort of Australian Shepherd and Spaniel cross, but I have no real idea. She’s fabulous and fluffy, which is the most important part! Some of her favorite things include going on adventures, getting brushed, and playing in the snow. However, she hates baths……

Tippy is also not a fan of rainy days or places where there are a lot of people and commotion. She is rather opinionated and has many grunts and other noises she uses to get my lazy butt out of bed in the morning. She is very much a prima donna and prefers that things be just so. She will pout to make her displeasure known (like when I bought her this super nifty bed that she refused to use until I bribed her with treats multiple times).

Tippy has a pretty mild temperament and exquisite manners (thanks, mom!) most of the time which is a great thing, considering the furry companion she has roomed with since October 2016. Her companion sometimes plays with her, which Tippy thinks is tons of fun. However, the little hairball also sometimes steals Tippy’s bed, which results in pouting. Lots and lots of pouting. Sigh.



Or rather, Cimarron Twinkle-Toes Noodle Underfoot


Meet the cat of many nicknames, most of them said in a somewhat exasperated tone of voice. I adopted her when she was about three months old in Fort Collins from this great organization. At the time, I spent my last $150 on her adoption fee…not one of my most glamorous moments. Anyways, she has been a great addition to the furfamily! Cimarron is a domestic medium hair torbie (a tortoiseshell tabby). Some of her favorite things include playing fetch, harassing the dog, nibbling on toes, “helping” me make the bed, noisily playing at random hours of the night, and *gently* placing her paw in my mouth/nose in the morning when she wants food. Between her shenanigans and Tippy’s dramatic noises, it’s no great surprise that I can never sleep in past 9.

There aren’t many things that Cimarron doesn’t like, other than maybe being told no. This eight-pound hairball can throw some epic temper-tantrums….if you don’t think that cats are capable of temper tantrums, then you should see Cimarron in action sometime! Cimarron also has some delightful digestive issues that may be related to a sensitivity to chicken. A hypercarnivore being sensitive to a kind of prey animal is not something you think about every day, but there you have it. Things are never dull around here!


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